Queens Man Arrested for Facebook Posts After Zimmerman Verdict

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George Zimmerman is free after killing Trayvon Martin. But a Queens man is in jail for what he posted on Facebook in response to last week's not guilty verdict.

Like a lot of people, 20-year-old Remel Newson was angry after a Florida jury found neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman not-guilty of murdering unarmed, black teenager Trayvon Martin.

So Newson went on Facebook and allegedly posted a status update saying blacks couldn’t get justice, with the hashtag "killallwhites."

His post also said "let's kill cops nd neighborhood watcher," according to court documents.

At least six of his Facebook friends liked the post. But apparently the New York Police Department didn't.

On July 17, an NYPD officer monitoring Newson's Facebook page saw the post. Hours later, cops arrested Newson for “making a terroristic threat” — a felony. And they searched his room where they found several joints leading to a marijuana possession charge.

Court documents don't show whether the NYPD was only monitoring Newson or broadly searching Facebook looking for posts after the Zimmerman verdict.

The NYPD did not respond to requests for comment and the District Attorney's Office declined an interview request.

Tasha Lloyd, the Legal Aid attorney representing Newson, said her client merely copied and pasted someone else's message.

“He in no way was trying to intimidate anyone or coerce anyone into doing any illegal act,” Lloyd said. "He just was very upset with the Martin verdict.”

She also said a second Facebook post that police alleged to be “terroristic” is just lines from a popular song by rapper Drake.

Newson has two prior convictions including one for felony assault. He was arraigned Friday in Queens County Criminal Court.