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Thursday, July 25, 2013


MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast talks about service improvements and interruptions as the MTA prepares its budget. Plus: Slate’s Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, offers advice on the work life / private life divide; NY1’s Errol Louis continues the conversation he’s been having on our website all week answering the question: did Bloomberg make us richer?; and a summer tradition continues – Brian is about to leave for vacation, so we open the phones to take your recommendations on what he should read while he is away.  

MTA Chairman Prendergast

Tom Prendergast, chairman and CEO of the MTA, talks about transit improvements and interruptions as the MTA prepares its next budget

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NSA Authority Remains Unchecked

Kate Nocera, BuzzFeed reporter discusses last night's House vote that failed -- by a surprisingly close vote -- to curb the NSA's authority to collect personal information, and what it tells us about attitudes towards the agency post-Snowden.

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Ask Dear Prudence's Emily Yoffe: The Personal and Professional Divide

Emily Yoffe, Dear Prudence columnist for Slate, takes listener questions for the last time on the show this summer on thorny ethical issues and offers her advice.

This week, she'll take questions on issues that come up when your personal life and your professional life collide. 

  • Need advice?  Post your question in the comments below.
  • Have advice for your fellow listeners? Post it below!

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Did Bloomberg Make Us Richer?

How do we begin to assess the Bloomberg economic legacy when it comes to personal wealth, and economic prosperity? What do we make of the state of income inequality in New York today as compared to twelve years ago?

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Open Phones: What Should Brian Read and Listen to on Vacation?

It's a summertime tradition: Brian leaves for vacation this afternoon -- what recent book should he read while he's out? We'll also take suggestions for music to listen to, and play some of the suggestions that have already come in. Post your picks below -- remember, recent books and music only.

→ UPDATE: Thanks for the great music suggestions -- listen to the playlist below!

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