Foul Ball: Crowds Shrink for Yanks, Mets

Fewer fans this year are saying, ‘Take me out to the ballgame.’

Attendance at Mets and Yankees games has dropped by thousands per game over this time last year – by 2,215 and 3,438 per day, respectively, according to statistics database Baseball-Reference. That’s roughly an 8 percent drop for average daily attendance.

“You're competing with Broadway, and concerts, and the beach, and every-place else people can spend a dollar,” said Sports Media Consultant Joe Favorito. “So you have to constantly find ways to make them spend money with you as opposed to other people.”

The Mets have had a lackluster season with a losing record that’s nine games under .500. For the Yankees, injuries have sidelined a number of marquee players like Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira.

But Favorito said team performance isn’t a factor in ticket sales. It’s about selling the experience so clubs try to bolster attendance numbers by offering giveaways and using promotions like the Nas concert Friday at Citi Field.