Foul Ball: Crowds Shrink for Yanks, Mets

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Fewer fans this year are saying, ‘Take me out to the ballgame.’

Attendance at Mets and Yankees games has dropped by thousands per game over this time last year – by 2,215 and 3,438 per day, respectively, according to statistics database Baseball-Reference. That’s roughly an 8 percent drop for average daily attendance.

“You're competing with Broadway, and concerts, and the beach, and every-place else people can spend a dollar,” said Sports Media Consultant Joe Favorito. “So you have to constantly find ways to make them spend money with you as opposed to other people.”

The Mets have had a lackluster season with a losing record that’s nine games under .500. For the Yankees, injuries have sidelined a number of marquee players like Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira.

But Favorito said team performance isn’t a factor in ticket sales. It’s about selling the experience so clubs try to bolster attendance numbers by offering giveaways and using promotions like the Nas concert Friday at Citi Field.