The State of the Race(s)

Friday, July 19, 2013

The election season is heating up, with new polls showing strong support for Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer in the mayoral and comptroller's race, respectively. Azi Paybarah, political reporter for Capital New York, and Kate Taylor of the New York Times discuss the state of the races, and the recent Times poll on Mayor Bloomberg's legacy.


Azi Paybarah and Kate Taylor

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Robert from NYC

This response I would give to the "Not Bloomberg..." comment on here, I too don't like Bloomberg either, but his not endorsing Quinn might just be a ploy to throw voters off track, therefore some may reconsider voting for her fi they know he's not supporting her. They may have an agreement that he keep away from endorsing her because she is so much like him and he doesn't want to spoil the vote in favor of Quinn for those who might vote for her if he doesn't endorse her.

Jul. 19 2013 10:32 AM

Elliot Spitzer isn't running for mayor, it's only City Comptroller, which is quite a few rungs down the food chain from the governorship, Weiner on the other hand is still a very young and inexperienced politician, whereas Spitzer was a DA and held other responsible offices. Frankly I Think Spitzer would make a better Mayor. But I also like DiBlasio, because anyone willing to have himself and his campaign aides get arrested over the closing of a neighborhood hospital will also crusade against the closing of neighborhood schools --- which he should have done and been doing.

Jul. 19 2013 10:29 AM
lucy from Brooklyn

Bloomberg is the most arrogant Mayor, ever. More than Giulliani. Talk about his development record and his use of eminent domain as a principle he uses of development. The only people Bloomberg cares about is developers. He doesn't care anything about the poor or middle class in NYC. The mismanagement of NYCHA, the destruction of Prospect Heights for the Atlantic Yards, the destruction of Willets Point, the destruction of Macombs Dam Park for Yankee Stadium, the destruction on 125th Street of small businesses, the destruction of Harlem for Columbia, the destruction of the West Village for NYU, the closing of public schools-promoting privately held charters and co-location in schools, the selling off of libraries, parks and schools and many more. This is Bloombergs legacy. Please talk about the real agenda of Bloomberg which is the mass give away of public assets and land to his rich developer friends.

Jul. 19 2013 10:26 AM
Robert from NYC

I'd rather have a candidate that pays for his own campaign rather than one who takes from "supporters" who are only supporting themselves because in the end it is they who will get the favors they're looking for. If someone pays for his/her own campaign I believe s/he believes in her/himself and for what her/his policies not the policies of those who "support" him/her. I don't dislike Scott Springer but his attack of Spitzer for his campaign funding really surprised me. Why doesn't he just stay on as Borough President, he is a good one!

Jul. 19 2013 10:26 AM
Not Bloomberg from NYC

I am a little heartened that Bloomberg ISN'T endorsing Quinn. That means there IS some difference between them - I don't like Bloomberg at all - at all!!!
But the fact that Bloomberg is distancing himself from her - it makes me look at her differently.
I don't like Quinn or Weiner - but Weine is a bit creepy, and he showed terribly bad judgement - so it leaves her as a front runner as far as my vote goes.

Jul. 19 2013 10:25 AM
mr nyc

Anthony Weiner would be a disaster in the general election. His scandal turns off women voters and no Democrat can win without women votes. Democrats need to take this into consideration.

Jul. 19 2013 10:23 AM
Robert from NYC

Christine Quinn is not like us, she's like Mike Bloomberg.

Jul. 19 2013 10:18 AM
Robert from NYC

Frankly I'm sick of larger than life mayors.This segment is on the way downhill!

Jul. 19 2013 10:15 AM

Two little rich boys. Both ashamed by their sexuality
It's sad this is the best to step up to run.

Jul. 19 2013 10:12 AM

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