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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jack Hidary, an independent candidate running for New York City mayor, talks about his decision to join the race without the backing of a party. Plus: WNYC’s Fred Mogul explains why health insurance prices may drop for individuals purchasing plans in New York State when the new health care exchanges go into effect this fall; the history and legacies of modern New York City mayors; and advice from Slate’s Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, on conflicts between adult children and their parents.  

Meet the Candidate: Jack Hidary

Our series of interviews with candidates for New York City mayor continues. Jack Hidarytechnology executive running as an independent, talks about his bid and his policies proposals.

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New York's Health Exchanges and Your Insurance Rate

Fred Mogul, WNYC health reporter, and Elisabeth Benjamin, vice president of Health Care Initiatives at Community Service Society, talk about the expected drop in prices for individuals buying health insurance in NYS when Obamacare's health exchanges go into effect this fall. 

New Yorkers who have questions about navigating the state's healthcare system can call the Community Health Advocates help-line at 1-888-614-5400.

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Five Pillars Week: Charity Open Phones

It's Five Pillars of Islam week on The Brian Lehrer Show. Every day this week, we're hosting an interfaith conversation based around the Five Pillars: Shahadah (faith), Salat (prayer), Sawm (Ramadan), Zakat (charity) and Hajj (pilgrimage). Today: we open the phones to discuss charity, giving, and service as part of your religious practice. Call 212-433-9692 or post a comment here.

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Mayoral History Smackdown

As the Bloomberg era comes to a close, we look back at the history of the New York mayor's office and assess the accomplishments of those who've held the office. Which mayor transformed the city the most, and was Bloomberg just another mayor, or has he had a unique impact? Sam Roberts, urban affairs correspondent for The New York Times and editor of America's Mayor: John V. Lindsay and the Reinvention of New York, and Mason B. Williams, author of City of Ambition: FDR, LaGuardia and the Making of Modern New York, discuss. Listeners, who's the best mayor in NYC history in your estimation? Was Bloomberg just another mayor? Post here or call 212-433-9692...

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Ask Dear Prudence: Intergenerational Conflict

All this month, Emily Yoffe, Dear Prudence columnist for Slate takes listeners' questions on thorny ethical and etiquette questions and offers her advice.

This week we'll talk about the relationships between adults and their parents. One listener asks what to do when your mother posts comments on your blog. If you have a thorny question for us to consider, ask it here.

  • Have advice about this situation? Post it below!
  • Need advice?  Post your own dilemma here and maybe you'll join Emily on the air next week!

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