Zimmerman Juror B37; Bill de Blasio; Mandela and South Africa Today

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Juror B37 from the Zimmerman trial went public with her experience, and Emily Bazelon from Slate joins us to discuss what the juror revealed about the trial. Then: Public Advocate and one of the democratic nominees for mayor of New York Bill de Blasio. Plus: Nelson Mandela’s life, legacy and South Africa today on the day before his 95th birthday with Ebrahim Rasool, South African ambassador to the U.S. and Nicole Lee, president of TransAfrica; and an hour of open phones, including interfaith calls on fasting in honor of Ramadan as part of this week’s Five Pillars of Islam series. 

What We Know from Zimmerman Juror B37

Since Saturday's verdict in the George Zimmerman trial, Juror B37 has spoken about the behind-the-scenes process of deliberation. Emily Bazelon, senior editor at Slate and panelist on Radio Gabfest, talks to Brian Lehrer about what the juror's disclosures indicate about the trial.

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Candidate de Blasio

New York City Public Advocate and mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio discusses his action to save Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn—as well as news about NYCHA and other issues related to his bid to be mayor.

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Nelson Mandela and South Africa Today

UPDATE: Nelson Mandela, Inspiration To World, Dies At 95

Thursday is Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday. We discuss his life and legacy, and South Africa today with Ebrahim Rasool, the South African ambassador to the U.S., and Nicole Lee, president of TransAfrica.

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Open Phones: Spitzer and Weiner Lead Among Black Voters

A call-in for black voters on the news from a new poll that shows both Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner lead among African-Americans. Give us a call at 212-433-9692. 

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Open Phones: Should We Still Teach Cursive Handwriting to Kids?

Cursive handwriting is less common nowadays, and the requirement to teach it has even been removed from the Common Core Standards for public education. Should we still teach cursive handwriting to kids? Does it provide a benefit for children, even though most written communication nowadays is electronic? Teachers, call us at 212-433-9692 or leave a comment here. 

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Five Pillars Week: Ramadan Open Phones

It's Five Pillars of Islam week on The Brian Lehrer Show. Every day this week, we're hosting an interfaith conversation based around the Five Pillars: Shahadah (faith), Salat (prayer), Sawm (Ramadan), Zakat (charity) and Hajj (pilgrimage). Today: we open the phones to discuss fasting for Ramadan or any other religious practice. Call 212-433-9692 or post a comment here.

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