Following Up: "Cop-Killer Bullets"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Earlier this week during an interview with Senator Gillibrand, the subject of "cop-killer bullets" came up. Paul Browne, deputy commissioner for Public Information at the NYPD, explains what they are and if there's an effort to ban them.


Paul Browne

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mc from Brooklyn

I had a feeling this was not just a dodge on the part of Gillibrand. Almost anything you look at closely becomes more complex as you look at it.

Jun. 12 2009 11:52 AM
Phil from Queens

LOL !!! Brian loses another shot at more propaganda… as the Deputy Police Commissioner basically agrees that there are no "cop-killer" bullets. The new vests stop all civilian ammo -- end of story! Read it and weep. The cops are safer, thank God and technology. Too bad for some peoples’ political agendas. The phrase is a political term not a technical one from the 1960’s that evolved to describe several different rounds as the political situation changed. The phrase was made up by hysterically frightened first Valium™ popping now Prozac ™ popping limousine liberal fascist nattering nabobs of negativism anti-Bill of Rights anti-2nd Amendment people who have never fired a gun and have not served in the military or law enforcement. Among people in the know, there is near 100% support for the 2nd Amendment which allows individuals to arm and defend themselves against criminal and political oppression. Numerous scholarly studies over the past 30 years have shown that “more guns equal less crime!” These studies are never reported on NPR or WNYC. All bullets are potentially dangerous when used by criminals. We all, conservatives, moderates and knuckle-heads alike all deplore crime and political oppression. What is much more dangerous are publicly sponsored talk shows that are horribly biased and that don’t tell all sides of issues so that the public can have all the facts and make informed decisions free of propaganda. This condition is dangerous as it reduces democracy and leads to fascism. We need more balance on WNYC. We need more listener calls to contest the propaganda going out over the air. We need more minority and female representation on the air in PRIME TIME -- 10 AM to 4 PM and we need a return of the open wed “Soapbox” where listeners and contributors could talk to each other about anything they wanted including problems at the station, without the “nanny state” monitoring and self selection of the stale and repetitive hosts.

Jun. 12 2009 11:16 AM
seth from astoria

Anyone who has seen Lethal Weapon 3 knows about "Cop Killer" bullets. And that isn't a new movie.

Jun. 12 2009 10:40 AM

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