City Youth Say They're Walking in Trayvon's Shadow

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As the debate about the verdict in the George Zimmerman case rages on, some of the most personal conversations about the case are going on between young black men and their friends. Teens and young adults in Coney Island shared what's on their minds in the aftermath of the polarizing verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. 






"In Coney Island ... I've seen people go to jail for long periods of time. ... And he walks away a free man." - Dabon Evans, 19









"I don't think he should have been let go. ...He shot a little kid." - Eric Richardo, 20








"I wonder where we're heading," - Antwan Hudson, 23, said referring to racial equality 







"He was a kid--17 years old, like me. We feel like Trayvon could have been any one of us." - Tryiek Powe, 17