Interview: Federal Prosecutors Try Again for Death Penalty for Cop Killer

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No one has been executed in New York State in 50 years, but federal prosecutors are determined to change that.  They returned to court this month to try for a death sentence for Ronell Wilson.  

In 2006, Wilson was convicted of murder for shooting and killing two undercover detectives at point blank range on Staten Island three years earlier. An earlier death sentence was overturned, and Wilson is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. 

New York Times reporter Mosi Secret wrote about the case Friday. He said prosecutors are trying to get the death penalty reinstated because they believe it's what the community wants.  “Even though the first case was overturned, they think [that since] they convinced 12 members of the community . . .  the first time, they should try again,” Secret said. “They see it as their duty to continue with the case.” 

Secret said the trial should end sometime next week. 


To hear a full interview with Secret, click audio above.