Bonus Podcast: Marriage Week

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 02:30 PM

wedding cans car road marriage (Matt Law/flickr)

All this week on the Brian Lehrer Show, we explored the state of modern marriage -- straight and gay -- from the effect of money on marriage to what newlyweds can learn from those who've been married for decades. This podcast compiles all five segments into one. Thanks for listening!


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Richard Paul

Poem for the Despised

I was alone.
A blanket of rain before me.
But I’m doin’ my job.
Keepin’ the compound safe.
Protecting the people.
Then comes a stranger.
Don’t think I’ve ever
Seen him here before.
Acting suspicious
Not going in any house
Maybe he’s a druggie
I call the cops
They tell me to stay put
Time drags, where are they?
And this guy’s still walkin’ around
Not going into any house
Gotta get out of my car
For a better look
See what houses he’s near
Where’s he goin’?
Uh oh!
He sees me!
Here he comes, running.
Asks me what do you want, cracker?
I want to tell him
I’m neighborhood watch
Here to keep folks safe, him too
But before I can answer
He smacks me longside the head
He’s bigger and stronger
And now he’s astride me
Where are the cops?
He’s beating and beating
OW! My nose! All of
A sudden I can’t breathe.
Ouch, ouch! He’s makin’
A basketball of my head!
Blood pouring down me,
My blood
Gotta grab my gun
Just want to warn him but
He don’t stop hittin
BANG! He sits erect a moment
Then he falls.

I know you detest me. You all despise me.
My mom gets dirty nasty phone calls
And my dad and my brother
You say “We’ll rip out your innards, you turdhead!”
Online and on the phone a thousand times a day.

But I’m here, I’m alive.
And I’m not what you say.

Jul. 25 2013 03:26 PM
Charlie from Manhattan

My wife struggles with depression, and has been on the edge of suicidal, numerous times over the last few years. She declines to take advantage of my health care access to pursue for fear such care would impact her career path in international affairs. Any suggestions on how to navigate the system in way that her health and career path are both preserved?

Jul. 25 2013 10:48 AM

Egad!!! What is this juror talking about??? She said that Zimmermann was a member of the Neighborhood Watch??? But that is not true!!! What in blazes happened in that jury room?

Jul. 17 2013 10:12 AM

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