Crowds Greet Spitzer With Emotion

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer made his first public appearance Monday since announcing a bid for city comptroller and was greeted by New Yorkers with strong feelings about his return to the political spotlight.

Before he even arrived at Union Square, people stopped to ask what had brought out all the waiting reporters and camera trucks. A woman, who would only say her name was Pansey, was not impressed when she learned who everyone was waiting for.

"I think he's a sleaze ball that's what I think," she said.

Spitzer arrived still in the makeup from his earlier television appearance and was immediately surrounded by the press. Supporters had to push through the pack. Chivas Charles Burton, 54, just shouted out his support.

"Your good definitely outweighs whatever mistake you might have made," said Burton who told Spitzer he came down from Harlem, "just to let you know."

There were also hecklers. But Spitzer ignored them. He came for the signatures he needs to get on the ballot; he left that much closer to making his political comeback.