Immigrants Reflect on Their Own Fourth of July Celebrations : Slideshow

Thursday, July 04, 2013

"I moved here 17 years ago on the third of July. We landed in the evening. ... And I was very impressed that they put on this big firework display just for the fact that I arrived." - Davide Cantoni from Italy

"We bring food from home, our own country's food, and sometimes we do barbecues and all that and the kids play in the park." - Tsering Dolkar (right) from Nepal

"I worked in the American embassy for 22 years in Egypt. [The fourth] was a big party for all the Americans at American schools and colleges. It was very, very nice." - Salah Abdemmawgoud from Egypt

"The first one wasn't really fun. We didn't go out. But after a couple years I made friends, we started going to the beach, barbecueing at the beach, swimming and having fun." - Ayham Ghuraibi from Syria

"We will go to Philadelphia, visit friends and watch Fireworks." - Yu Guo from China


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