Will D.C.'s Streetcar Open Before 2014? There's a "65/35" Chance

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D.C. officials say they're hopeful the city's new streetcar system will be up and running by the end of the year.

"We will have the cars on the track. We have to go through the certification by (the) Federal Transit Administration and state oversight," says District Department of Transportation director Terry Bellamy. "Once they tell us we can go live, we will go live."

Asked what the odds are that the streetcars will go live before 2014, Bellamy replied "65/35." 

Put another way, that's about a two-in-three chance.

The first stretch of track will be a two-mile line along H Street and Benning Road in northeast.

The city received the cars earlier this year and is now testing them.

Streetcars used to be a common sight in D.C., but they haven't operated on city streets in over 50 years. Check out this (possibly 1950's-era) video of one D.C. streetcar line from last century.

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