American Icons: Dixie

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This is the tune the nation brought to war.


It’s been a century-and-a-half since a minstrel tune called “Dixie” debuted in New York. The song went viral, and soon North and South alike were whistling “Dixie.” With the outbreak of the Civil War, “Dixie” became an anthem of the antebellum way of life. And today we are still fighting over “Dixie.” Studio 360’s Trey Kay asks why it continues to divide the nation.

(Originally aired: April 15, 2011)


Bonus Track: Elvis Sings "Dixie"
Elvis Presley sings "Dixie" as part of the song "American Trilogy."


Bonus Track: "Union Dixie"
"Dixie" was popular in the North and the South. Bobby Horton performs this version, just for Yankees.


Bonus Track: "Everybody's Dixie"
Horton performs extra verses for those partial to the South in "Everybody's Dixie."



Video: Bing Crosby sings “Dixie”
Minstrel shows aren’t ancient history. A black-faced Bing Crosby performed this version of “Dixie” in a 1943 movie of the same name.