Most Summer Camps Still Forbid Electronic Devices

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Peg Smith, CEO of the American Camp Association, sheds some light on when and where campers are allowed to use personal electronic devices.  

Nearly three-quarters of the camps that are members of the association do not allow any smartphones, tablets and other devices, Smith says.  

"Some camps will allow iPhones for teens when they're on trips. Some will allow games that can be played without an internet connection. Some will allow iPods but not earbuds," Smith said. "Then it goes to the extreme where if you're caught with a phone, it's confiscated."

Kids are spending half as much time outside as they did 20 years ago, Smith said. It's just one of the concerns camp administrators need to consider when deciding on their tech policies.

"Camp is that unique opportunity to become unplugged and to interact with nature and peers and role models on a deeper level, and there are fewer and fewer of those opportunities available for kids," Smith said.