In a Week of Courtroom Landmarks, Attention Shifts to Trayvon Martin Trial

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This week, the country reacted to several landmark Supreme Court decisions that had huge implications for the civil rights movement. But in a Sanford, Fla.  courtroom, it was the first week of testimony in the high profile murder trial of George Zimmerman for shooting and killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Jonathan P. Hicks, a Senior National Correspondent with and a columnist with the Amsterdam News has been following the case. He – and much of the Internet – has been particularly fascinated with the prosecution’s star witness, 19-year-old Miami resident Rachel Jeantel.

Hicks said the defense made an effort to “sort of portray her as someone who was difficult to understand and from a culture that was completely alien.” However, Hicks said, “The fact of the matter is she’s a teenager and teenagers no matter what they’re racial background have their own way of expressing themselves.” 

To hear a full interview with Hicks, click audio above.