New Sandy Relief Grants to Target Volunteer Groups

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While those affected from Sandy continue to rebuild, there's new help for volunteers.

The non-profit Citizens Committee of New York will be awarding micro-grants of up to $2,000 to support volunteer-led groups, rather than individuals.

The group's CEO, Peter Kostmayer, says while getting affected individuals back into their homes is the most important task, too little attention has been paid to community spaces.  And he thinks green spaces may have practical implications for the NEXT storm.

"Gardens absorb water. Sidewalks don't," says Kostmayer. "So the more gardens we have, the more parks we have, the more open space we have in New York City when another storm strikes as it inevitably will, the more water we're going to be able to absorb which is not going to go into people's basements!"

The filing deadline for grant applications is August 1st.