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Sen. Bob Menendez Applauds Passage of Immigration Bill

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The Senate passed its compressive immigration bill on Thursday. The bill would offer a path to citizenship to 11 million unauthorized immigrants and provide extensive security along the Mexican border.

The bill was drafted by a bipartisan group of Senators, the so-called Group of Eight. One them, New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez, told WNYC that with the bill's fate in the Republican-controlled House uncertain, the GOP needs to have a dialogue with itself.

"Do they agree to the fundamental principle that there must be a pathway to citizenship?" asked Menendez. "And if the answer to the question is yes, then there's a way to find ourselves into a reform that ultimately can be signed by the President."

The measure easily cleared the 60-vote threshold needed for passage in the Senate and if passed by the House, would represent the most dramatic overhaul of the country's immigration law in almost three decades.

To hear WNYC's Amy Eddings' interview with Senator Menendez following passage of the immigration measure, click the audio link above.