President Obama's Trip to Africa Draws Protesters

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President Obama heads to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania this week for a trip that will focus on trade and investment relations.

But not everyone in these countries is excited about his trip. In South Africa, trade union, student, academic and Muslim groups are organizing what they hope will be a mass protest at the U.S. embassy in Pretoria.

Some say President Obama represents the failures of global capitalism and can be blamed for South Africa’s joblessness and economic inequalities. Others say they will demonstrate for the closing of Guantanamo Bay, against the U.S.'s involvement in global conflicts and in protest of the N.S.A surveillance programs.

Lerato Mbele is a South African journalist and co-host of BBC's Newsday. She reports  from Johannesburg on President Obama's mixed reception and how it compares to the "Obamania" of 5 years ago.

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