The Flap Over the Flyover

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Mayor is upset, the President is contrite, and New Yorkers are bewildered. WNYC's Bob Hennelly updates the latest on the Air Force One flyover over lower Manhattan.


Bob Hennelly

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hjs from 11211

my intention: you can't compare 9/11 to really awful things like the holocaust, war, or the 2004 asian tsunami. like wish I hear some midwest people, when talking about their seasonal flooding this year, when dozens died say this is our 9/11. that doesn't compare either. we should freak out every time a plane flies over head. stop being so provincial.

May. 01 2009 10:29 AM
Rick Steele from Sarasota, Florida

You all are probably right... much to do about nothing... but just to be sure, we should check a couple of things out:

1. Where are the pictures? It was billed as a PHOTO-OP. Show me the pix!

2. What did the air traffic controlers say at the time? Remember on 9/11, we were able to her the tapes of the flight controlers; What is on the tapes of this last flyover.

Just wondering...

Apr. 30 2009 02:02 PM
Office Worker

Also, saying "really awful" in that sentence implies that you actually think that 911 isn't "really awful." Maybe not your intention, but VERY badly worded! If it IS your intention than I am totally done talking to you.

Apr. 29 2009 06:33 PM
Office Worker

Don't be silly. I never said that those other tragedies were not horrible! I'm responding to the callous and hateful attitude that I've seen tossed around that people lately. This attitude that the largest buildings in this city exploded, collapsed and killed thousands is something that should be "gotten over."

But you're so tough.

Apr. 29 2009 06:32 PM
hjs from 11211

Office Worker
please get help. you should not "be deeply wounded for LIFE," unless a relative or close friend died. you are insulting people who survived something really awful like the holocaust, war, or the 2004 asian tsunami. there's a bigger world out there and every year of your life your tax dollars have killed more than 3000 people. i'm not going to freak out every time a plane flies by for the rest of my life nor should u.

Apr. 29 2009 03:36 PM
Office Worker from Fort Greene, Brooklyn

This comment board is just like the crap posted on CNN and other sites

"photoshop" and "get over it" and "New Yorkers are wimps."

Idiots, all. First of all, nobody would use photoshop to assemble an official photograph. If you believe that, you're not even a part of the conversation.

More importantly, 911 was very real and this "get over it" nonsense is an insult of the GREATEST order. Typical Americans though, the deaths of 3000 people are "boring" now, you're "over" it. Well it didn't happen in your city. This was an earth shattering trauma and if you people had any humanity at all, you'd be deeply wounded for LIFE by that terrible event.

Apr. 29 2009 12:03 PM
yourgo from astoria

rick (21) is obviously not a nyc native. In my eyes the world does revolve around NYC and i will not get over 9/11. I will remember it 4ever. Get out of my city you hipster creep!

Apr. 29 2009 11:42 AM
the truth from bkny

and or we need some serious education on what a fighter jet and the airforce one fleet actually LOOk LIke!

Apr. 29 2009 11:21 AM
the truth from bkny

I agree Peter, I think those who cowered down, just showed the rest of the world what some of us are really made of...cowards!!

Apr. 29 2009 11:21 AM
J. A. Rogers from Manhattan

Was this a joint command decision or just an Air Force exercise?

Would like to hear comments on whether the duplication (really triplification) of service continues to be needed, i.e. Air Force, Navy Air Force and Army Air Force.

Apr. 29 2009 11:19 AM
artista from greenpoint

seriously, did WNYC need to devote all this air time to this warmed-over basically tabloid story? (Story, not event.) Yes, we are still traumatized by 9-11. ut that is not what it was. A two-minute discussion on the way to , say, the Martha Stark part of the conversation would be more like, ummm, air-worthy journalism?

Now, on to the much serious Benny Morris interview, at least.

Apr. 29 2009 11:11 AM
Jeff from ny

It's not a joke Dan, but a serious question of judgment and competence.

Apr. 29 2009 11:07 AM
Christian from manhattan

Interesting note about Caldera, the guy taking the fall for the flyover... According to Wiki, he served on the board of directors for IndyMac Bank from 2002 until its failure and subsequent seizure by the government in July 2008.

Was he a Brownie type appointee?

Apr. 29 2009 11:06 AM
Peter from Brooklyn

New Yorkers love to crow about how tough they are and yet they're completely traumatized by (what?) a plane flying by?!?

Let's all hope that Osama bin Laudin doesn't catch on and drive a muscle car up the West Side Highway or something really scary like that. Peoples' shrink therapy bills would go through the roof!

Get a pair New York!

Apr. 29 2009 11:05 AM
Peg Kennedy from Willseyville NY

Much more need to explore why police and mayoral officials didn't challenge authority - They certainly knew about New Yorkers' possible sensitivity to low flying planes.

Apr. 29 2009 11:01 AM
Dan Edelstein from Greenwich, CT

The photo shop joke was Jon Stewart's from earlier this week. Thou shall not steal, as they used to say.

Apr. 29 2009 11:01 AM
Brian from Lower Manhattan

I work in 1 WFC with a view of the statue of liberty. We saw the plane fly by and thought it was a little crazy, but not too alarming because we recognized it as air force 1. It was definitely a bad idea to do this photo op. Hopefully this will be forgotten by next week. It was a really stupid, but there are many other things that are worse.

Apr. 29 2009 11:00 AM
mark from New York

Sorry, Gary UWS, can you imagine if the White House released an official photo that had been PhotoShopped? Everyone would be shrieking: "WHAT ELSE HAVE THEY PHOTOSHOPPED THAT WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT????"

Apr. 29 2009 10:59 AM
Andy from Brooklyn

The NY Daily News already pointed out the Photoshop joke... quite well done:

Apr. 29 2009 10:59 AM
Robert from NYC

Throw her in jail

Apr. 29 2009 10:59 AM
Cory from Planet Earth

The photo op cover is total BS. They were testing something that they are not revealing. I cannot believe everyone the cover story.

Apr. 29 2009 10:59 AM
suki from Williamsburg

I was in my office and didn't notice A THING until the building management came on and told the entire building not to freak out - at which point, everyone tried to evacuate the building.

Apr. 29 2009 10:58 AM
Greg from Clinton Hill

I think this is a perfectly innocent misunderstanding. It is hard for people who weren't there to understand the visceral reaction to the low flying planes, much in the same way that I've had trouble explaining to my friends why a really blue blue sky makes me a little down. It's been a while since 9/11 and it's faded a lot for me, a person who was in lower manhattan that day, so I imagine it's become a rather distant feeling and memory for those who experienced those events through television.

Apr. 29 2009 10:57 AM
rick from brooklyn

isn't it obvious that when there is a jetfighter with the plane that it's not a terrorist attack? this shows that the building managers are idiots.

folks, it's been almost 8 years. the world doesn't revolve around new york and you need to get over 9/11. seriously.

Apr. 29 2009 10:57 AM
Peter from Manhattan

Doesn't ANYONE in the White House know how to PHOTOSHOP??

Apr. 29 2009 10:57 AM
Rebecca from Brooklyn

I was driving over the Brooklyn Bridge when the first plane hit the World Trade Center on 9/11, and I was sitting on the promenade the other day in Brooklyn Heights when the flyover happened. It was a pretty gut-wrenching experience both times.

Apr. 29 2009 10:56 AM
Debra from Jersey City

Don't they have Photoshop? :)

I was standing on the street in downtown Jersey City and it flew directly over my head, banking. Very unsettling.

Apr. 29 2009 10:56 AM
the truth from bkny

That is correct Bob. Need to check NYPD and see who decided to keep quiet and not inform the people!

Apr. 29 2009 10:56 AM
Jeff from NYC

You can shoot video from an F-16. Either from a two seater or with a helmet cam from a single seater. Nasa Chase plane pilots do it all the time.

Apr. 29 2009 10:56 AM
Robert from NYC

I think the photos that they took should be made available to us to see.

Apr. 29 2009 10:56 AM
Gary from UWS

Have the Feds ever heard of Photoshop? It's a lot cheaper to copy and paste a photo of Air Force One into a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

Apr. 29 2009 10:54 AM
the truth from bkny

Stop angling to blame this on him also!

Apr. 29 2009 10:54 AM
the truth from bkny

Thanks for clarifying the President was NOT in the plane!

Apr. 29 2009 10:54 AM

Planes fly over NYC all the time, using LI Sound/the Hudson River as navigation aids. Nobody gets excited.

This must have been _really_ low to send people scrambling like that.

Apr. 29 2009 10:54 AM
Edward from NJ

As ill advised as this may have been, shouldn't this have been a momentary "What the hell was that?" rather than an extended panic. Since 911 knew about the flyover, shouldn't building security have found out prior to calling for full evacuations?

Apr. 29 2009 10:53 AM
Neill from New York

How much did Bush's Air Craft Carrier Photo Op cost?

Apr. 29 2009 10:53 AM
John from Brooklyn

I read that there was a military photographer in the fighter jet.

Apr. 29 2009 10:52 AM
the truth from bkny

Agreed is a shame though that he feels the need to apologize for every bonehead mistake his or NOT!

Apr. 29 2009 10:52 AM
Jeff from ny

Has anyone in the government heard of Photoshop?

Apr. 29 2009 10:52 AM
Civil Libertarian from Greenpoint

This isn't the first time the military has scared the bejesus out of NYers with this kind of stupid stunt. I remember Memorial Day 2002 -- mere months after 9.11 -- when fighter jets flew up the East River in missing man formation, very low to the water. Living two blocks from the river, it upset me and my neighbors quite a bit until we figured out what was going on. Then too, we heard no advance announcement.

Apr. 29 2009 10:51 AM
rsmith from Manhattan

My spouse workes for the National Park Service at the Status of Liberty and they even knew about it before the major. Only shows the still gapeing holes in the system.

Apr. 29 2009 10:50 AM
Robert from NYC

I certainly don't believe that the mayor did not know. This is not April Fools day. We all know that Kelly knew. This is a scam to hide the fact that they ALL knew and why they really felt letting the public know would be a mistake is an even bigger mistake. That guy who approved this HAS TO BE FIRED IF HE DOESN'T RESIGN.

Apr. 29 2009 10:48 AM
hjs from 11211

again what a big todo over nothing. photo op who cares! ya ya september 11 and all, but what a nation of cowards we are. always running around like the sky is falling. if the goal of al kayda was scare us it sure worked. is this what it was like during the last days of rome?

also I'm starting to get sick of obama always saying he's sorry for the errors in judgment of those under him. I mean it's a BIG change from the former bush but it's a bit much every week groveling about something.

Apr. 29 2009 10:36 AM
Seth from Upper West Side

For once, I have to agree with Bloomy--it defies imagination! Low flying planes over Manhattan are a bad idea, at any time.

Apr. 29 2009 10:26 AM

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