Ask Dear Prudence: Exposed Strangers

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This summer Emily Yoffe, also known as the Dear Prudence advice columnist for Slate, takes listener questions on thorny ethical and etiquette questions and offers her advice.

This week: how do you let a stranger know he or she is accidentally exposing a body part...that is not usually exposed? Think an unzipped fly or a see-through shirt. 

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Some of the advice that came in today about the lady in the cafe with the see-through shirt:

  • Emily: "In general, you don't say to women, particularly in their 60s, 'excuse me, I can see your breasts.'" She figures the woman may have known, and the writer was correct to mind his or her own business.
  • Caller Bettina: Said she lives by the golden rule - she'd want to know, so she would gently alert the person. 
  • Wilson in Queens: Suggested he would have asked the waitress to discreetly mention it to the woman.

Plus, several commenters on our website suggested that the woman may have dressed like that on purpose. 

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