SCOTUS Decisions Bring Landmark Change

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The Supreme Court officially ended it terms yesterday and is now heading into summer break after a remarkable last few days. The Court handed down four highly anticipated decisions—two impacting race and minorities in America, and two on the fate of same-sex marriage—as well as several other decisions that could have big consequences for the cost of pharmaceutical drugs, workplace discrimination suits and our right to plead the 5th.

It may be hard to believe, but just one month ago the United States was a very different place to live.

With these historic Supreme Court decisions, Americans and their governmental systems will have to adapt to the changes of our new American way of life. 

Contributing their thoughts are Ron Christie, Republican political strategist and Farai Chideya, distinguished writer in residence at New York University’s Journalism Institute.

But not all of the Court's rulings got heavy media coverage.

Jeffrey Rosen, professor of law at George Washington University, and President of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, reviews not just the big cases we've all been watching, but the others we might have missed.

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