Emily Bazelon on Wendy Davis; SCOTUS Impact

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The Supreme Court building.

After key rulings on gay marriage, voting rights, and affirmative action (not to mention adoption, employee discrimination, and gene patenting) -- what will be the lasting legacy of this season's Supreme Court opinions? Slate's Emily Bazelon discusses what we've learned and how our legal landscape has changed. Plus: why we were so riveted by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis's all-night filibuster.

Get Up To Speed on the Key Decisions: Our SCOTUS Reading List

Still to Be Decided

  • The Same-Sex Marriage Cases:
    -- Hollingsworth vs. Perrry: Challenges Prop. 8, which amended the California state constitution to allow only opposite-sex couples to marry.
    -- Windsor vs. United States: Challenges the federal definition that marriage — and the associated benefits — is between a man and a woman.

    USA Today Primer | WNYC BreakdownUnited States v. Windsor (Scotus Blog) | Holligsworth v. Perry (Scotus Blog)

  • The Voting Rights Act Case:
    On Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which mandates that certain parts of the country get “preclearance” from the federal government before making election law changes.
    Primer from The Root | Heritage's Shelby 101Shelby County v. Holder (Scotus Blog)

  • The Indian Adoption Case
    On whether an unwed biological father, who initially renounced his custodial rights to his daughter, can rely on a federal law – the Indian Child Welfare Act – to block her adoption by the couple who had cared for her since birth.
    Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl (Scotus Blog) | "Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl" (Radiolab)

Already Decided

  • The Workplace Discrimination Case (Decided Monday)
  • Court issues a pro-business decision that claims workplace discrimination under Title VII of the voting rights act only counts in cases where a supervisor has hiring and firing power over an employee.
    Vance Opinion (PDF) | Analysis from Geoffrey Stone | NPR Recap | SCOTUSBlog Info