Senior Stories: Share Your Parting Thoughts

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Congratulations, seniors, you've nearly made it to the end. Just ahead of graduation, SchoolBook wants to collect your wisdom about what it's like to attend high school in New York City.

Tell us your fondest memories and the things you hate -- or can't wait -- to leave behind. Find your school page on SchoolBook and post your thoughts. Just go to the top yellow box to find your school. You can start the conversation there.

Get your classmates to respond as well, because we'll want to pull together some of the best and most compelling stories to share with SchoolBook readers.

And if you get stuck trying to think of your favorite high school story, here are some questions to think about to get the juices flowing:

— What advice would you give to an incoming ninth grader?

— Who is an unsung hero at your school?

— What do you think makes a New York City education unique?

— What was your biggest accomplishment during high school?

Make us laugh, or tug on our heart strings. Just be yourself and be honest. We can't wait to hear your stories.