VIDEO: Forum on School Leadership

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Here is partial coverage of the WNET-sponsored forum, Critical Conversations: School Leadership Initiative held on Thursday, Nov. 16. Chancellor Dennis Walcott opened the event with a talk about the agency's approach to leadership and how it impacts student work. In the video below, you should advance it to three minutes and 35 seconds in. That is when the Q&A; sessions gets underway, with working audio.

Schoolbook's Beth Fertig, contributing editor for education at WNYC Radio, moderated the discussion with D.O.E.'s chief academic officer Shael Polakow-Suransky, education researcher Kim Marshall and school principals Danika LaCroix and Robert Bender.

When the technical problems get resolved with the entire WNET video, we will offer it to SchoolBook readers.


Share your thoughts below about what makes a good school leader and what New York City can do to recruit and retain the best.