More Schools Re-Open While Most Damaged Will Take Months Longer

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg said on Monday that that the city would allocate $500 million dollars to begin repairs on schools and hospitals damaged by Sandy, with $200 million going towards the schools.

Bloomberg said he expects New York city to be fully reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"FEMA's already said that they've committed to come through. I think there'll probably be arguments about how much and how quickly and the normal bureaucratic stuff, but you can't fault FEMA," he said. They've been there since day one."

The mayor appeared with other city officials at P.S. 207 Rockwood Park in Howard Beach, Queens, one of 23 school buildings closed for repairs. His announcement came on the heels of the latest update from the Department of Education on the post-Sandy relocation and re-opening plans.

It included the news that five more schools are returning to their buildings Tuesday in addition to the 10 announced on Friday. The schools are: M.S. 53 Brian Piccolo; 27Q319 Village Academy(which shares the building with M.S. 53); P.S. 104 The Bays Water; P.S. 146 Howard Beach; P.S. 47 Chris Galas.

This leaves 37 schools with about 18,000 students still assigned to relocated sites. The proposed timeline for those schools' re-opening range from Nov. 19 for 17 of the schools, Nov. 30 for 14 of them, Jan. 2, 2013 for five more and one, P.S. 207, is not projected to return until later in 2013.

Starting Tuesday all relocated schools will have a 7 a.m. shuttle bus, including all high schools except Manhattan's Millenium High School. And there be a shuttle from the Howard Beach subway station to the Far Rockaway campus for students.