Bringing the World Into the Classroom

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SchoolBook is asking educators, How do you teach the news?

We're examining the issue of how to bring tough conversations into the classroom at a teach-in at WNYC on Tuesday -- issues like stop-and-frisk in New York City, the death of Trayvon Martin and war and international conflict.

"The Brian Lehrer Show" on WNYC put the question on Monday to Peter Nelson, director of the New York office of Facing History and Ourselves. The organization works with teachers to guide these conversations with students.

"The classroom needs to be connected to the real world," Mr. Nelson said. "It's hard to do the headline, though, in the classroom because teachers are up against a lot of mandates to get students ready for these things called tests."

Still, Mr. Nelson said, reading the news and discussing current events fits into the Department of Education's new "common core" curriculum.

"It's very skill-centered, very literacy-centered for young people to be reading about what's happening in the news," he said.

Listen to the entire conversation with Mr. Nelson below.

WNYC's "Brian Lehrer Show"

Mr. Nelson will be moderating the discussion with teachers at the event on Tuesday.