Students Sing Out Steps to Long Division

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A teacher at I.S. 285 Meyer Levin in Brooklyn shared this video with SchoolBook. It demonstrates at least one way to make the start-of-school remedial work a little more fun.

"Many of them started off their sixth grade year forgetting what they had learned in fifth grade," special educator Joelle Andres said in an email. "To rectify this, we created a parody of PSY's Gangnam Style, called "Long Division Style!" My boyfriend and I re-wrote the lyrics to teach long division with decimals. My students loved making it and, more importantly, it helped them remember the steps!"

She said the video also gave her kids a boost. One of them told her: "Ms. Andres! I'm the coolest kid in school! Everyone knows me and says 'Hey! You're that kid from Long Division Style!' Even the 8th graders!"

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