City Warns Against Scam Training Schools

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WNYC City's consumer watchdog warns against for-profit school scams.

The Department of Consumer Affairs is warning New Yorkers about school scams that encourage would-be students to take on large amounts of debt for programs that offer no credible training or legitimate degrees.

The citywide "Protect Your Money: Know Before You Enroll" campaign aims to raise awareness about the abuses of so-called proprietary schools and for-profit colleges, and provide information on free and low-cost options that offer credible training.

"I have an associate [degree] which is valueless and a very high student loan," one radio listener commented online. "They use up all the financial aid in the first semester and then student loans are @ $4,000."

Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz told Brian Lehrer approximately 100,000 New Yorkers are enrolled in these kinds of programs -- and some of them are legitimate. He said the key to telling the difference is asking the right questions before you sign up. Listen to the segment for his helpful tips.