Contraceptive Program Prompts Only Mild Resistance

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New York City has launched a pilot program in about a dozen schools that would give students access to the morning-after - or Plan B - pill in addition to other contraceptives and reproductive services through the schools' health centers. Although there was a steady stream of comments on social media sites since the news was first reported by the New York Post, the response has been lukewarm and mostly supportive.

On Twitter and Facebook, SchoolBook asked readers to share their opinions on the issue. Only a few objected.

@Mamaquads tweeted, “It’s disturbing, nurses can’t give our kids Tylenol when sick but have the remedy for the mishaps of unprotected sex.”

“Giving away condoms in high schools…ok fine! But the morning after pill…now that’s taking it too far!” said,">wrote @KLARadio on Twitter.

An opposing perspective came from Kimmarie Lynch, who said she's been teaching in the city schools for 15 years. She called the program "groundbreaking" because it gives female students a chance to avoid teenage pregnancies in favor of education, and other opportunities.

"The number of unwanted pregnancies that are followed through to term year after year is devastating," she wrote on Facebook. "These young women end up trapped by their circumstances because of reasons they can not always control. Reasons that are often handed down to them culturally and through religion."

What do you think about the CATCH program? Read about it here, and join the conversation.

In response to questions about which schools are participating in the Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health, or CATCH, program, here is the Health Department's list:

Adlai E Stevenson Campus in the Bronx which houses eight small schools. Inside Schools has more information here.

Grace Dodge Campus, a school that is phasing out. There are two new schools in the building, the Crotona International High School and the High School for Energy and Technology.

Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn.

Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn

Clara Barton High School in Brooklyn

W.H. Maxwell Career and Technical Education High School in Brooklyn

Paul Robeson Campus in Brooklyn

High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan

John Adams High School in Queens

Newcomers High School Campus in Queens

Voyages Preparatory in Queens

Queens Vocational and Technical High School in Queens

Port Richmond High School in Staten Island