Good, Improved and Failing: Our Lists Off the Progress Reports

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The release Friday of the annual Department of Education progress reports for elementary and middle schools prompted the usual debate over how to interpret the results. We would like to hear your thoughts, too.

But setting aside this discussion for a moment, let's take a closer look at the results, through a series of lists. To start with, let's look at the progress report "honor roll."

Schools That Have Received an 'A' All Five Years

District School
1 East Side Community School
2 P.S. 77 Lower Lab School
2 P.S. 124 Yung Wing
2 P.S. 130 Hernando de Soto
2 P.S. 290 Manhattan New School
2 New York City Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies
3 P.S. 199 Jessie Isador Straus
3 M.S. M247 Dual Language Middle School
3 Community Action School - M.S. 258
3 The Anderson School
5 KIPP Infinity Charter School
6 P.S. 153 Adam Clayton Powell
6 M.S. 319 - Maria Teresa
6 M.S. 324 - Patria Mirabal
7 Academy of Applied Mathematics and Technology
8 P.S. 069 The New Vision School
8 P.S. 152 Evergreen
10 P.S. X015 Institute for Environmental Learning
10 P.S. 086 Kingsbridge Heights
12 Bronx Latin
14 P.S. 031 Samuel F. Dupont
14 P.S. 257 John F. Hylan
14 Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School
15 P.S. 172 Beacon School of Excellence
15 P.S. 295
15 New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts
15 The Math and Science Exploratory School
16 P.S. 262 El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Elementary School
20 P.S. 164 Caesar Rodney
20 The Christa McAuliffe School\I.S. 187
21 P.S. 253
22 P.S. 255 Barbara Reing School
24 P.S. 089 Elmhurst
25 P.S. 024 Andrew Jackson
25 P.S. 214 Cadwallader Colden
26 P.S. 046 Alley Pond
26 P.S. 133 Queens
26 P.S. 191 Mayflower
26 P.S. 213 The Carl Ullman School
27 P.S. 108 Captain Vincent G. Fowler
28 P.S. 161 Arthur Ashe School
28 P.S. 196 Grand Central Parkway
30 I.S. 141 The Steinway
30 I.S. 227 Louis Armstrong
32 P.S. 116 Elizabeth L Farrell

Schools That Moved 3 Or More Grades

school 2010 2011
Icahn Charter School 3 A D
P.S. 112 Bronxwood A D
P.S. 310 Marble Hill A D
P.S. 30 Hernandez/Hughes A D
Renaissance School of the Arts A D
The Lexington Academy A D
Bronx Academy of Promise Charter School B F
P.S. 377 Alejandrina B. De Gautier B F
P.S. 306 Ethan Allen B F
P.S. X114 - Luis Llorens Torres Schools B F
P.S. 197 John B. Russwurm B F
South Bronx Classical Charter School D A
Brooklyn Charter School D A
P.S. 195 William Haberle D A

Schools With Persistently Low Grades
Schools that get a D, F or three consecutive C's are subject to "intensive support or intervention," and could be shut down altogether. These schools have earned C or worse the last three years:

school 2009 2010 2011
Harlem Link Charter School F D C
P.S. 58 C C D
Harriet Tubman Charter School C C C
Cornerstone Academy for Social Action C F C
Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy VII Middle School C D F
Frederick Douglass Academy IV Secondary School C F F
Peninsula Preparatory Academy Charter School C C C
P.S. 215 Lucretia Mott C D F

The Progress Part of Progress Reports
The Education Department emphasizes individual student improvement most in the reports, and these schools all scored at least 50 out of 60 possible points for moving students ahead.

school Progress Score:
Young Scholars’ Academy for Discovery and Exploration 57.9
Staten Island School of Civic Leadership 56.8
P.S. 40 George W. Carver 56.4
P.S. 375 Jackie-Robinson School 55.6
P.S. 2 Meyer London 54.6
Academy for New Americans 53.9
P.S. 189 Lincoln Terrace 53.1
P.S. 257 John F. Hylan 52.8
Bronx Charter School for Excellence 51.9
P.S. 31 Samuel F. Dupont 51.8
International School for Liberal Arts 51.7
P.S. 199X - The Shakespeare School 51.7
Special Music School 51
P.S. 184m Shuang Wen 50.6
P.S. 254 50.4
The 47 American Sign Language and English Lower School 50.3
P.S. 77 Lower Lab School 50.2

Overall Performance
Actual student performance accounts for 25 possible points -- these are schools that earned at least 20:

school Performance Score:
The Anderson School 23.8
P.S. 172 Beacon School of Excellence 23.5
P.S. 372 -The Children’s School 23.3
Special Music School 23.0
Icahn Charter School 4 22.8
The Christa McAuliffe School\I.S. 187 22.6
New Explorations into Science, Technology and Math High School 22.4
P.S. 31 Samuel F. Dupont 22.4
Harlem Success Academy 1 Charter School 21.7
Bronx Charter School for Excellence 21.6
Baccalaureate School for Global Education 21.4
P.S. 184m Shuang Wen 20.9
Harlem Success Academy 4 Charter School 20.7
East Side Middle School 20.6
Scholars’ Academy 20.5
Tag Young Scholars 20.5
P.S. 254 20.1
New York City Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies 20.0

Low Performing, but Progressing
This list is a concise example of why the progress reports are "progress" reports, and not traditional school report cards. These schools are all well below average in performance metrics, but well above average in student improvement, and are therefore rewarded with high marks by the Education Department.

School Performance Grade Progress Grade Overall Grade
P.S. 146 Ann M. Short D A A
P.S. 73 Bronx D A A
International School for Liberal Arts D A A
P.S. 178 - Dr. Selman Waksman D A B
P.S. 192 - The Magnet School for Math and Science Inquiry D A A
Academy for New Americans F A A
P.S. M169 - Robert F. Kennedy F A B