How Would You Brand 21st-Century Teachers?

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WNYC's "Studio 360" solicited feedback from teachers on how to brand a new era in the classroom.

The imagery of chalkboards, apples and A B C's has long been dumped on teachers — to the chagrin of many in the profession. Teachers even have a name for this: "Apple Crapple."

As part of an ongoing series of redesign projects, WNYC's weekly radio program "Studio 360" is looking to redesign the imagery associated with teachers. According to one teacher who wrote to the show, the whole aesthetic is "atrocious."

Studio 360 has already spoken to some teachers with new ideas for imagery. One responded: "A person with multiple hats. We are expected to be the caretaker, the parent, the doctor, the nurse, the lawyer, the school psychologist." Another said: "We teach ideas and how do we represent ideas? My best guess: a question mark."

Do you have a problem with the visual imagery associated with teachers? If so, how do you think it should be fixed? "Studio 360" will work with graphic designers and come up with new branding by the end of January.