Looking Again at Police Arrest Data

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Over a 50-day period recently, beginning last summer, the police arrested or ticketed four New York City students a day, according to records released by the New York City Police Department last month. Over all, the department’s school safety division arrested 63 students and issued 182 summonses to middle school and high school students during that period, the report said.

The New York Police Department released the information to comply with a City Council request, at the urging of the New York City Liberties Union, but it has not commented on the data it released.

“It has really confirmed for us our worst fears, that the police are using criminal law tactics to enforce school rule violations,” Johanna Miller, assistant advocacy director at New York Civil Liberties Union, told Laura Keller, a reporter and student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, in a video that was produced by Lars Vercelli, another student.