25 Schools Could Be Closed or Truncated

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Hear the radio report by WNYC's Beth Fertig

The New York City Department of Education said on Friday that it would move to close up to 19 schools and eliminate the middle schools grades at six others.

In the second part of a two-day announcement, city education officials added 10 schools to the list of schools it will close, phase out over a period of several years, or truncate in the next year, bringing the total to 25 schools. Last year, the city proposed to close or truncate 26 schools.

Two of the high schools the city will seek to phase out beginning next year are part of a federal grant program that has sent thousands of dollars to them for a year in exchange for promised reforms. Yet city officials have decided that one year into a three year program, Washington Irving High School and Grace Dodge Career and Technical Education High School are not improving and should be closed. Both schools received F's on their progress reports this year and have graduation rates well below the citywide average.

Here is a complete list of schools the city seeks to close:

Washington Irving High School, Manhattan

Samuel Gompers Career and Technical Education High School, Bronx

Grace Dodge Career and Technical Education High School, Bronx

Jane Addams High School for Academic Careers, Bronx

Legacy School for Integrated Studies, Manhattan

Manhattan Theater Lab High School, Manhattan

Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology, Bronx

International Arts Business School, Brooklyn

Aspire Preparatory Middle School, Bronx

Knowledge and Power Preparatory Academy VII, Brooklyn

Satellite Three, Brooklyn

Middle School for the Arts, Brooklyn

Junior High School 296 The Anna Gonzalez Community School, Brooklyn

Academy of Business and Community Development, Brooklyn

Public School 19 Roberto Clemente, Brooklyn

General D. Chappie James Elementary School of Science, Brooklyn

P.S. 14 Cornelius Vanderbilt, Staten Island

P.S. 22, Brooklyn

P.S. 215 Lucretia Mott, Queens

Complete list of schools where grades could be eliminated:

P.S. 161 the Crown, Brooklyn

Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, Bronx

Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board School, Brooklyn

P.S. 298 Dr. Betty Shabazz, Brooklyn

Wadleigh Secondary School for the Performing Arts, Manhattan

Frederick Douglass Academy IV, Brooklyn