Study: Teens Share More, Cultivate Their Images Online

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Teenagers are sharing more photos and personal information like cell phone numbers and email addresses on social media, but they are also choosing "Friends Only" in their Facebook privacy settings, according to "Teens, Social Media and Privacy," a study released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University.

Most teens say they are very confident they can successfully manage their personal information online, the study found. And a majority of teens is taking calculated steps to manage their online reputations, including deleting and editing content they have posted on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The study's focus groups also indicated that teens are increasingly using Twitter and Tumblr, and moving away from Facebook. Teens reportedly have a waning interest in Facebook, which they associate with "drama," according to the study.

It's something that also turned up in "Gen Z: The Limitless Generation," another recent study on how teens use the internet from the web-hosting company Wikia and research and analytics firms Ipsos MediaCT.

"A lot of them are reporting that they're bored with Facebook and that they're moving on to other things," said Jimmy Wales, president of Wikia and founder of Wikipedia.