12 Schools Named for Closing

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The city's Department of Education on Thursday released the names of 12 schools it is proposing to close and identified three from which it wants to eliminate some of the grades.

On Friday, additional schools will be named for closing, as a result of a review in which the department decided that efforts to improve them with more money or support would not make a significant difference in their performance.

The Panel for Educational Policy must now vote on the decision to close the schools.

The 12 schools intended for closing are:

Public School 19 Roberto Clemente, Brooklyn

General D. Chappie James Elementary School of Science, Brooklyn

P.S. 14 Cornelius Vanderbilt, Staten Island

Legacy School For Integrated Studies, Manhattan

Manhattan Theater Lab High School, Manhattan

Gateway School For Environmental Research and Technology, Bronx

International Arts Business School, Brooklyn

Satellite Three middle school, Brooklyn

Middle School for the Arts, Brooklyn

Junior High School 296 the Anna Gonzalez Community School

Academy of Business and Community Development, Brooklyn

The three schools proposed for middle school truncation — meaning grades 6 to 8 are to be moved elsewhere — are:

P.S. 161 the Crown, Brooklyn

Academy for Scholarship and Entrepreneurship, Bronx

Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board School

In a statement released by the Education Department, Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott said:

“After two months of conversations with school leadership teams, parents and communities, and a close examination of the academic performance and environment in struggling schools, we have made the decision to propose a number of schools for phase-out and middle school truncation. These are never easy decisions, but when a school has failed to serve its students well year after year — even after receiving additional supports — we have a responsibility to provide students with better options. We are already hard at work creating the great new schools that these communities deserve.”