South Brooklyn HS Rivalry Takes the Mound

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When it comes to the baseball rivalry of two Brooklyn schools, Midwood High School's Hornets team entered this season in a six-year slump, having lost 10 games straight against the Knights of James Madison High School.

Coined the “Battle of the Bedfords,” the spirited competition between the schools is especially tense as they sit on the same street, Bedford Avenue in south Brooklyn, and draw from a pool of neighbors and siblings.

This year the Hornets thought they could turn things around. Listen to the story to hear how the recent back-to-back games played out.

At Midwood's first game of the season against James Madison, coach Charlie Barbieri was cautious about whether his players would see a win.

“They’re very good. We’re trying to get to their level,” he said. “That’s been the goal for me since I got here, to try to compete against these guys.”

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James Madison players weren’t afraid to boast about their dominance.

“They’re not going to win, we got this game in the bag,” said freshman Chris Scolavino, while he gnawed on sunflower seeds in the dugout.

The stakes of the game were especially high for Chris, who wanted to win bragging rights against his older brother who played for Midwood.

Junior Michael Scolavino, remained optimistic throughout the game, despite James Madison’s strong lead.

“I know we can come back,” he said in the fourth inning, while down 0-5. “We still have time, we still have time.”

The positivity didn’t quite work. Despite scoring two runs, Midwood batters couldn't make contact with the ball. The game's score was 6-2, another James Madison victory.

But that was just the first round of the competition. Click on play to hear the full story and find out whether Midwood finally outplayed its rival in their second game of the season.