Revised Results Show Rise in 'Gifted' Students

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More than 32 percent of the students who took the test for the coveted gifted and talented programs are eligible for a district or citywide program, up from 24.5 percent last year. The city's Department of Education released the revised numbers Wednesday after the test maker, Pearson, admitted to a scoring error in April.

Early last month, the D.O.E. released numbers showing a decrease in the number of students who qualified for the gifted and talented programs. Just under two weeks later, the D.O.E. announced scoring errors by Pearson would lead to an increase in the number of students who qualified for the programs.

Inquiries made by skeptical parents led to the investigation of the scores. As a result of the error, the D.O.E. pushed the deadline for applying to G&T; programs later, to May 10.

Just over 36,000 students took the G&T; test this year, a small drop from the year before. Nearly 18 percent of the applicants qualified for a district program, while nearly 15 percent qualified for the more competitive citywide programs.

Students needed to score at or above the 90th percentile to be eligible for a seat in a G&T; program.

See below for the full results, including test-takers by district and the number of students who scored in the 99th percentile.

Testers by grade, district and eligibility

Testers by Grade and Eligibility

Qualifiers Scoring in the 99th Percentile