Callers Take Issue With Mayor's Teacher Comments

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WNYC Callers respond to recent teacher quality debate

Philissa Cramer, managing editor at Gotham Schools, talks on "The Brian Lehrer Show" about disputes over teachers. She says Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg may have been playing a little fast and loose with his numbers as he spun out a hypothetical redesign of the school system. And she explains what is behind the growing protest by principals who object to using test scores for teacher evaluations.

A teacher from Queens said even the best can handle only so many students before losing the personal attention that he says is key to good learning.

"Just the difference between a class of 34 and a class of 28 is fairly drastic, as a teacher," he said. "To think of having 60 kids, there's no time for any personal attention, and that's exactly what our kids need."

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