State Ed Officials Turn to Cuomo for Test Security Money

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As one national texting expert put it, New York State is "near the bottom," when it comes to detecting and deterring cheating. Yesterday, the state's Board of Regents acted to begin to correct this, voting to authorize an independent investigator who will examine how the states handles reports of cheating, preferably pro bono. The board also authorized state officials to look into adopting a centralized testing system, rather than having local districts handle it themselves. Because there's so much concern from local districts about financing these changes, the state education commissioner, John B. King Jr., said he would try to convince Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the state legislature to invest in increased test security.

And the 21 year-old cousin of Tayshana Murphy, a Murry Bergtraum High School basketball star, told The New York Post that the girl was not killed by accident, as was initially suggested. Ms. Murphy was looking for her younger brother on Sunday morning when gang members who were after him chose to shoot her instead, the cousin said. Yesterday, the high school held assemblies in honor of Ms. Murphy.

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Around town Tuesday:

The Department of Education is holding a mandatory teacher recruitment fair for teachers who've been excessed and have not found new positions. That's today at 1 p.m. at the Armory Foundation — 216 Ft. Washington Avenue, Manhattan.

There is also an open house this evening for assistant principals and "teacher leaders" who are interested in proposing new schools that would open in September 2012. That begins at 5:30 p.m. today at the Essex Street Academy (Seward Park Campus) — 350 Grand Street, Manhattan,

In preparation for National Constitution Day (Sept. 17) the Learning Network is asking students: Do you know your First Amendment rights?

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