DOE Abandons Plan for Queens G&T Program

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The Department of Education has dropped its proposal to shrink a popular gifted and talented middle school program at P.S. 122 Mamie Fay in District 30.


“We’ve listened, and we know what an exceptional job P.S. 122 is doing with its G&T; middle school students," said Devon Puglia, a department spokesman.

In February, education officials said they would enforce a Chancellor's Regulation that would ensure fifth-grade students zoned to P.S. 122 could continue on for middle school.

Right now, the middle school only serves gifted and talented students in sixth through eighth grades, and fifth graders who are not on the G&T; track enroll at other nearby middle schools. The school has operated this way for decades.

The D.O.E.'s proposed changes to the program baffled District 30 parents and drew vocal opposition from parents of both G&T; and general education students alike.

"We're incredibly gratified," said Deborah Alexander, a parent of a G&T; kindergarten student who will eventually be eligible to enroll at P.S. 122 for middle school. "We know that victories are not typically celebrated by parents' groups and we feel lucky."

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Puglia said the D.O.E. would "take more time to think through the challenge" of placing students in District 30 middle schools.