Calling All Science Teachers: Help Track Cicada Swarm

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The 17-year cicadas are coming, and WNYC is inviting science teachers -- as well as lovers of nature and DIY makers -- to help predict the emergence of cicadas by building a homemade sensor and sharing your observations.

The cicadas are expected to appear above ground in an area stretching from Virginia to Connecticut — climbing up trees, flying in swarms and blanketing grassy areas so they crunch underfoot. While the periodic emergences are hard to miss because of the noise and the overwhelming numbers, it is hard to predict where and how many of the insects will actually come out because of habitat degradation.

Get your students and children involved in a citizen science project they won't forget. More details here about building your own sensor and sharing the information on our Cicada Tracker.

WNYC/Radiolab Video by Brenna Farrell and Jennifer Hsu

There will be two live events to spread the word, and answer any of your questions, hosted by the show Radiolab. Event details here.