Another Day of Thanks, for Teachers

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The public radio project Storycorps is asking for one more day of thanks this holiday week, aimed specifically at teachers.

The day after Thanksgiving has been deemed by Storycorps as a national day of listening, a time to interview someone close or important to you.

This year, the project's founder, David Isay, decided to ask people to track down their former teachers, as part of a yearlong National Teachers Initiative. You can hear him talk about why in this interview with WNYC’s Beth Fertig.


If you don’t have much time, Mr. Isay is asking people to take just one minute to post a memory of a teacher, or "friend" them, on Facebook and tag it @StoryCorps, or send a Twitter message using #thankateacher. If you have more time, you can record the interview. All Storycorps interviews are archived at the Library of Congress.

Follow the example of New York Education Commissioner, Dr. John B. King Jr. He interviewed his teacher, Mr. Allen Osterweil, who taught Dr. King in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. His full interview is part of a StoryCorps radio special. Here's an excerpt from it:


Or share your memories of favorite or extraordinary teachers here on SchoolBook.