DOE Outlines Evaluation Training Plan

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Remember how teacher evaluation talks broke down about a month ago, right before Governor Cuomo's deadline for all districts to have a new evaluation system? State officials were not happy with New York City, and education commissioner John King sent a letter to schools chancellor Dennis Walcott chastising the city for failing to "do the work" and prepare for a new evaluation system.

King threatened to withhold or redirect about $1 billion in federal education funds unless the city came up with a plan, budget and timeline for training principals and teachers on a new evaluation system by February 15.

Today, Walcott responded to King's request with an 18-page memo on how teachers, principals, assistant principals and superintendents will receive training on expectations laid out in 3012-c, the teacher evaluation law.

You can read the memo for yourself in all of its dense and single-spaced-bullets glory:

No word yet from the state on whether the D.O.E.'s plan will save the city from losing those federal dollars. The state education department received the memo on Monday and said it was reviewing the plan.

King's original letter to Walcott is below.

King's Letter to Walcott