Schools Are Keeping It Clean. Copy That?

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What's on the lists of classroom and personal supplies that schools are asking students to bring in? We looked at a few dozen lists and found a few items that stood out.

The dog ate it?
Some schools, in a desire to cut down on paper waste and book bag weight, have begun to request USB flash drives. A 1-gigabyte flash drive can store thousands of documents, though its light weight and small size also make it easy to lose. A 1GB drive can be bought for $5, and a 4GB for less than $9.

Do you copy?
You would never know that schools strive to be ecologically and environmentally conscious places that discourage waste and nonreusable products (see flash drives, above). Almost every supply list requested copy paper, something that in the past was provided by the schools. At Public School 58 Space Shuttle Columbia in Staten Island, the roughly two dozen students entering the general kindergarten classes are asked to bring in three reams of copy paper -- each. Are they stocking up now for middle school?

Let’s keep it clean
Plenty of hand sanitizer and tissues are requested in elementary schools, while disinfecting wipes and paper towels are popular in middle schools. At P.S. 127 Mckinley Park in Brooklyn, even the guidance counselors have supply requests lists, and cleaning and paper products are prominent.