Quinn to Propose Mandatory Kindergarten

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City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will be outlining her priorities for the city on Thursday, and will make children and education a major focus of her speech.

Ms. Quinn, who is a likely mayoral candidate, is proposing new programs that should appeal to parents, a key constituency in any year, but particularly since the mayor has been given control of the schools. On Thursday, a Quinnipiac University poll found support for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's education policies, but disapproval of how he has handled their execution.

Look for these two announcements when Ms. Quinn delivers her version of a State of the City speech Thursday:

1. A requirement that all 5-year-old New York City children attend kindergarten. Currently, kindergarten is optional and nearly 3,000 children miss out on early childhood education. The change would require state legislation.

2. A new city program that would offer low-cost loans to cover up to 50 percent of the cost of childcare for middle-class families, or those earning between $40,452 and $111,750 annually. Currently, there are financial assistance programs for low-income families but not middle-income ones.