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Monday, April 06, 2009

The cornerstone of the Obama campaign was change. But transforming the country begins one mind at a time. Time Magazine’s Michael Grunwald talks about the White House’s use of behavioral science. And: most Americans believe in the supernatural. But why? Cognitive scientist Bruce Hood says that “super sense” is critical to rational development. Also: WNYC reporter Beth Fertig and Russell Shorto on New York's Dutch DNA.


Beth Fertig, Michael Grunwald, Bruce Hood and Russell Shorto

Gun Control in NYS

The shootings in Binghamton have once again sparked the debate over gun control. Jeffery Chamberlain, attorney with Chamberlain, Kaufman and Jones and author of Firearms and Weapons Laws Gun Control in New York, explains the current gun laws in New York State.

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The Mind of the Electorate

Michael Grunwald, national correspondent for Time Magazine, on how the Obama White House uses behavioral science.

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Superstitious by Nature

Bruce Hood, director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre in the experimental psychology department at the University of Bristol and author of SuperSense: Why We Believe in the Unbelievable, says our brains are wired to believe in the supernatural. Bruce Hood will be ...

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(New) Amsterdam

Russell Shorto, author of The Island at the Center of the World and Beth Fertig, education reporter for WNYC News, reports on the commemoration of Henry Hudson's first sighting of New York Harbor in 1609 in New York and Amsterdam.

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Language Struggles

Jiverly Wong expressed frustration with his inability to learn English and assimilate into US culture, a sentiment shared by many immigrants. Barabara Dick, executive director of the New York Language Center, explains the process of learning English and the role of language learning centers in the immigrant community. ...

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False Positive

Newsweek science editor Sharon Begley talks about the "myth of early detection" and pre-screening for various cancers. She’s the author of The Plastic Mind: New Science Reveals Our Extraordinary Potential to Transform Ourselves.

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