Guest Host Kurt Andersen (of ‘Studio 360’) Referees A Battle Of The High School Bands; Carla Bruni Plays 'Little French Songs'

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Carla Bruni performs in the Soundcheck studio.

In this episode: Soundcheck guest host Kurt Andersen (host of Studio 360) talks high school rockers, as part of Studio 360’s ongoing Battle of the High School Bands. One of the contest judges, musician Andrew W.K., reviews recordings submitted by high school bands -- both recent and not so recent. And, Kurt talks with members of two currently active high school bands, Fly Baby and The Sectionals — and we hear from singer-songwriter and pianist Ben Folds about his high school band.

Plus: We hear a live performance from Carla Bruni. The singer, model, and former first lady of France joins us to perform in our studio.