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Thursday, April 02, 2009

The "ring of steel" may get a little wider. WNYC reporter Bob Hennelly talks about the plans to create another "Ring of Steel" in Midtown. Also: Cem Özdemir, national chairman of the German Green Party and a member of European Parliament, talks about the G-20 summit and how his country is weathering the economic crisis. Plus, a new study on hiring discrimination in the city's finest restaurants. Check Out The Uncommon Economic Indicators Home Page And Add Your Story!


Bob Hennelly and Cem Özdemir

Fewer Cops, More Technology?

WNYC reporter Robert Hennelly talks about the proposed "midtown ring of steel," the future of the NYPD, and how technology is changing policing.

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Offshore Crackdown

The G-20 nations are targeting offshore tax havens. Jonathan Guthrie, columnist for the Financial Times talks about why this has become such an important issue for worldwide leaders. And Lynnley Browning of the New York Times explains what US lawmakers hope to accomplish to close tax evasion loopholes.

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Being Green

Cem Özdemir, co-chairman of Germany's Green Party, talks about the G-20 summit, the European economy, and EU restrictions on Turkish nationals.

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Afghanistan and Pakistan

Ikram Sehgal, managing editor of Defence Journal, Pakistan's leading monthly magazine focused on defense and security issues, discusses the Obama administration's focus on the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Rekha Eanni-Rodriguez, Co-Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, talks about a new study highlighting discriminatory hiring practices in fine-dining restaurants.

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After 72 years, CBS is pulling the plug on the daytime TV drama Guiding Light. Chicago Tribune media columnist Phil Rosenthal talks about the end of an era.

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Visit those in Need

We define the word "need" broadly in this case. It's not just the down-and-out who can use our care, but friends and neighbors who are feeling the effects of the recession. Worry over job loss or less money can be alleviated when people connect. One artist looking for community posted this text and a photo of his painting to Your Uncommon Economic Indicators.

Billy Fleurima: What I'm about to say is very difficult, but promotion is the key for success. I'm an artist and I'm looking to expose my work. I have a small place in Brooklyn. I would like to change to a gallery, but i need help, money,...I need to know if there is help for artists.

Well, Brian asked all of his listeners if, in fact, they are helping each other and if they had any advice for Billy. You can read the comments and listen to the audio of the segment, Sticking Together. When Billy later replied with an invitation for Brian to come see the art, Brian accepted:

While most of you sent advice about loaning money or finding friends jobs, one person wrote back with help for artists:


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