New York Remade: Before and After Bloomberg : Slideshow

Friday, December 27, 2013

Courtesy of the Bridge and Tunnel Club, Joe Geoghan
The Queens West development in Hunters Point, Long Island City, Queens.

Look closely and you can see the same Pepsi sign in its new location. 

NYC added more than 400 miles of bike lane under Mayor Bloomberg, none more contentious than along Prospect Park West, Brooklyn.
The New York on television shifted with the social center of the city, got tattoos and moved to Brooklyn.

Sex and the City branded an earlier era of NYC living, now Girls is trying to do the same. 

NYC Dept of City Planning, Joe Geoghan
Hells Kitchen shrunk and Midtown West rose high in waterfalls of glass.

Looking west from West 42nd Street and 9th Ave three new glass skyscrapers tower over the old brick mainstays.

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